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A couple for couples

Meeting just shy of 6 1/2  years ago C + T met as students, one in the shadows of graduating and the other blossoming into her final years of high school. Now 23 and 21, the ROYL couple is bringing new light to other couples and their special day because like anyone, C+T are aware of how special a story and bond can have... 


Our Story

As many fairy tales start, many wont believe....


It was a cool and brisk spring April evening, the princess of the valley danced slowly into the courtyard that evening with elegance and without a stumble. The moon light from above radiated through the night as it strikes her beautiful put up hair thus, all the men in the land have known her to be the most sought after princess in the royl kingdom... 

as fate has it, the gates opened for a knight. a knight that was unfamiliar to the kingdom, a knight so confident that he point at the princess dancing and claimed that she will be his wife. with little effort the princess found a very fond liking to the knight and they found themselves on a 3 day walk. They spoke about their fears and loves, they spoke about her kingdom and his passions and they soon realized they had to return to the kingdom. 

as they snuck back into the land using secret tunnels the time came where the knight must leave. not knowing if hed ever see her again as they said goodbye, they agreed to meet one last time. there they met in the single stream of moonlight in the courtyard and embraced eachother stronger than any has ever. as their heart beats raced he planted a single kiss upon her. passionate and warm, loving and strong.

then she ran away

they found each other sometime after and now they live happily ever after and they are sharing their royalty with you! welcoming you to our ROYL land and treating you like family.

Meet The Team

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